Investment of $150 million in innovation for agriculture


Our company research and development of biological products for companies in the agricultural sector will invest more than 150 million pesos for the expansion and modernization of our R & D laboratories and plant formulation, located in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.


“This investment will help us to consolidate the growth plans that we have been holding so as to achieve to cover the current demand of bioinsumos to increase 10 times our development capacity in this campaign. This will allow us to supply to our major customers, agro-industrial, as well as strengthening its portfolio of biotech products,” said Sergio Bonansea, CEO of the company.

Currently, our R & D laboratories and plant formulaic covering a surface area of 300 m2 and with this investment will go to a total of 700 m2. In this same line, we plan to incorporate more than 20 contributors to the team in the next 2 years.

The investment plan has as main objective to develop new innovation projects to make your transfer to companies in the agricultural sector that the market around the world. Among them, it is worth to mention that we recently received from the National University of Córdoba and the National Institute of Agricultural Technology the exclusive license for the development and commercialization of a biopolymer to be applied in peanut as a protective sticker.

“The growth in the capacity of development and formulation will allow our team to generate greater competitiveness in the field of provision of new technologies, microbial, with greater speed and quality,” added Christopher Kilmurray, CSO of the company.

In terms of the market, we are expanding our business in Argentina, Brazil and the US; as a “strategic partner” of the companies of the agricultural sector, which offer them the development and formulation of biological solutions as.
“Our main objective is to develop and transfer biological solutions to companies in the agricultural sector. We are the nexus between science and agribusiness” stressed Kilmurray.

Part of the investment for the extensions was granted by the Ministries of Production and of Science and Technology of the Nation within a plan to “put a value on the initiatives for the competitiveness of enterprises with a high added value and innovation”.

In addition, we have the support of the Government of Córdoba to develop a program of energy efficiency, in line with one of our pillars and our commitment to the reduction of the carbon footprint and the production of safe food.
Our goal is to position ourselves as industry 4.0, to be able to offer solutions focused on interconnectivity, automation, and real-time data. Our plant is completely automated and will enable remote monitoring of the processes of R & D as well as production.

“The new technologies will allow us to compete at the international level and we will open the door to new international markets with products of biotechnology applied to the agro from Argentina. In Ceres, Demeter, we transform the knowledge on biotechnological solutions for global impact” concluded Sergio Bonansea.