We Are Ceres Demeter

We founded Ceres Demeter in 2009 with the vision of transferring academic and scientific knowledge into the private sector, and transferring new microbiological technologies into the productive sector.

We are a strategic partner for agribusinesses since we constantly help them create new solutions that are friendly to the environment and people.

 Our purpose is to transform the knowledge on biotechnological solutions with a global impact.

It is for this reason that we have a strong commitment to the scientific sector, to help develop and transfer their research to the productive sector.
We focus on researching and advancing microbial developments to improve scaling and industrial production of microorganisms and their byproducts.

Quality policy

With the commitment to comply with the company's mission to “contribute with an agribusiness in sustainable building solutions biotechnology”, Ceres, Demeter has decided to implement a System of Quality Management based on ISO 9001:2015. The discussion focuses on having the operation of the company on the basis of certain basic pillars as are the quality of their products, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the system.

Each member of the organization is the active part in the implementation of the Quality Management System, which entails responsibility in their conduct, focusing on getting the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders, in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Ceres Demeter assumes the responsibility for providing the resources necessary to achieve success in the implementation of the System, looking to motivate your team to achieve excellence, and with them the economic sustainability of the company.

In this sense, this Policy is disseminated to all members of Ceres Demeter for your knowledge and understanding.

Río Cuarto, November 11, 2020

Pillars of the policy of quality


of Customers and PI


Team Work


Our Strengths

We provide a solution
We develop the product
and we formulate the technology
as of each client.

We focus on industrial and commercial R&D.

We offer technical and scientific expertise. As a team, we have been formulating and developing products for more than seven years.

We have a good understanding of scientific, industrial and commercial language.

We enable scientific networking.

Our team