We transform knowledge into global biotechnological solutions.
We are the link between science and the agroindustry.
We improve people’s life and the planet’s health through science.

What We Do?

 Nos especializamos en el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías microbiológicas y su transferencia hacia el sector agroindustrial.

We develop new microbiological concepts through strategic alliances with scientific institutions and bioproducts-selling businesses.
We are the link between science and production.

Our Process


We research and select high-impact scientific projects through our scouting platform based on Machine Learning.


We partner with scientific teams to transform concepts designed at the laboratory into a functional scale prototype.


After developing the prototype, the necessary technology is industrially manufactured to obtain the final product. The product is ready after being tested and approved by users and clients.


We register the product and sign commercial agreements with agribusinesses for worldwide trade.

Development platforms

Focused on a reduced carbon footprint and safe foods.


Products focused on the nutrient bioavailability.


Products focused on early crop stimulation to prevent stressful situations throughout the whole cycle.


Products focused on correcting spraying mixtures through the use of entirely biodegradable compounds.


Products focused on blocking fungal pathogens.
2030 strategic objectives – FAO

Nuestros desarrollos

Grow Soja Full 

soybean inoculant providing cellular protection that guaranties microbial survival for 7 days.

Grow Soja Gold

soybean inoculant combining three bacteria that promote hydrogen fixation, phytohormones production to stimulate the root system, and insoluble phosphorus bioavailability.

Grow Gramíneas

wheat, maize and sorghum inoculant combining phytohormone-producing bacteria that stimulate the root system and insoluble phosphorus bioavailability.

Grow ultra

multi-action coadjutant that ensures spraying stability through the regulation of pH, foam, drift, evaporation and cation complexation that disrupt phytosanitary products' performance. 

Grow Maní

peanut inoculant.

Metabolic Maize

microbial biostimulant for foliar application that enhances the photosynthetic nutrition rate of maize.

Metabolic Bean

microbial biostimulant for foliar application that reduces floral abortion in legumes.


lifelong formulation for rhizobia and PGPR. 


lifelong cellular protector for soybean seeds.

ISR Peanut

microbial biostimulant that triggers an immune response in peanut, decreasing the growth of fungi, mainly Thecaphora frezii and Sclerotinia. Thecaphora frezii y Sclerotinias

Biopol P1

biodegradable liquid polymer that protects the peanut seeds' tegument and improves biological and chemical interactions in them.

Solid S1

solid soybean inoculant that helps reduce packaging, logistics, and spoilage.

Symbia S1

lifelong soybean inoculant made up of two bacteria, that combines biocontroller bacteria that solubilize phosphate and physiologically enhanced rhizobia.

Force M1

biostimulant treatment for maize seeds that enables early crop establishment and protection against abiotic stress conditions.

Emulsion mix

adjuvant that works as a compatibility agent, allowing different phytosanitary ingredients to be mixed together to secure spraying effectiveness and efficacy by preventing clumps or separation.


Inoculante para soja que mitiga la liberación de gases de efecto invernadero, a partir de la transformación de NO2 (Óxido nitroso) en NO3 (Óxido nítrico), impidiendo que el mismo se libere al ambiente.

ISR Wheat

microbial biostimulant that triggers an immune response in wheat, decreasing the growth of fungi, mainly Fusarium, and the accumulation of Deoxynivalenol in grains.


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